Too cool for school


The deal with trust

Let me put this concepts in your head…

                                   1 Firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.

                                   1.1 Acceptance of the truth of a statement without evidence.


                                   1 The quality or state of being true

                                   1.1 (also the truth) That which is true or in accordance with fact or reality


                                   1 In accordance with fact or reality

                                   1.1 Rightly or strictly so called; genuine


I have always had trust issues.

I don’t remember a lot of things from when I was a kid, I remember going camping to the beach with my parents and having a blast but when I think back and try to remember how things felt, or how things may or may not have affected me… It’s all blank.
Life has been a turnmoil of things untill it actually calmed down some not too long ago.

I have come to really see the concepts mentioned above but, they are all abstract notions. What is true to me may not be true to you or to anyone else. The most most most important things for whatever interaction you wish you have (wether its friendship or a relationship) are respect and communication. I am slowly learning to trust, and to notice who to trust, and I don’t mean just in SL but in general.

I am nothing but myself so I think that, that automatically takes people that should not be in my surroundings off the radar. When we are too focused on this notions and not so much on us then we may not surround ourselfs with the people we need to keep going in life. Humans are social beings and life nowadays goes by SO fast,  it is only normal that we go and look for people who accept us with our funks and moods and loudness and silence.

I was lucky enough to find one, when I wasn’t even looking.

I am a firm believer now that life is out there to be enjoyed. It will be hell and it will be hard but WHO CARES, it will be yours forever. Things wont always be easy, things may get rocky and we may get taken down by the wave but it’s all a matter of getting back up and going back at it. Spread your wings and have some fun!! With the right people around you, you wont have to worry about the outcome, your friends will help you spread your wings again 😀